Last Thursday August 20, 13 women made history by being part of the first Trans-Pacific flight operated by a 100% female crew.

In a press release, Mexican airline Aeromexico revealed that flight AM098, with a route to cross the Pacific, was made up of an all women crew: the captain and two co-captains: Veronica Cervantes, Genoveva Leipold and Myriam Lopez; both of whom were assisted by 10 flight attendants: Sandra Pichardo , Martha Jimenez, Ofelia Castillo, Alma Heredia , Sara Bautista , Sandra Monroy , White Austria, Gloria Peralta, Blanca Estela Taylor, and Alejandra Mercado. They brought together more than 170 passengers on a flight lasting over 15 hours for 11,049 kilometers, from Mexico City to Shanghai, making a stopover in Tijuana.

The flight was made on a Boeing 777, the largest aircraft in the Aeromexico fleet, which has a total of 125 airplanes.

According to Aeromexico this flight was scheduled with support of the Association of Airline Pilots of Mexico (ASPA) and the Association of Flight Attendants of Mexico (ASSA). The purpose is to ensure that these types of flights are implemented on a more regular basis. Currently, the airline’s female staff consists of 50 pilots and more than 1,800 flight attendants.

Aeromexico women

Image of Aeroméxico
Aeromexico women crew
By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera